bring touchless access to everything in the workplace

DB-1 Data Bridge

for Access Control Professionals


A full featured connectivity solution for access control professionals who need to get different systems talking together in a flash.


Products designed for easy installation, configuration and deployment.  

Purpose Built

We design and build products with a focus on how it gets used and what it needs to withstand.

Let us help you get connected!

DB0-V Data Bridge

for Vehicles and Industrial Applications


A rough and ready solution to connect ID readers to vehicle telematics and industrial systems.

DB-0 Dongle

Big connectivity, small package 

A quick and easy way to enable touchless access to printers, kiosks, time attendance systems and much more.

Getting in the door is only where your day starts. Once you’re in the door, you need access to everything else to be productive. Linkstream helps extend the use of your ID to access printers, elevators, EV chargers, time and attendance terminals or that essential cup of coffee. We get RFID, NFC, mag stripe, Bluetooth or even some biometric readers connected to just about any computing device for a complete touchless environment. Do it for employee safety and enjoy added convenience and security at the same time.


Designed, manufactured and supported in the USA.