Wiegand Interface Converters
Linkstream's Wiegand interface converter products bring you robust, innovative solutions that make difficult problems easy to solve. We're sure you'll like our products if flexibility, speed to market and value are critical for your business to compete in today's market.
Wiegand to USB / Serial Interface Converter Module
A complete, ready to use Wiegand interface converter that allows you to quickly add support for Prox or other RFID readers to embedded systems.  This tiny 12 x 17mm module is made for SMD mounting on your existing Printed Circuit board. Supports keyboard wedge or ASCII serial output format.

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Wiegand to USB and Virtual COM Interface Dongles
Made specifically for connecting RFID proximity and magnetic stripe card readers to a PC or other computing device, these devices allow you to get up and running quickly. The virtual COM version presents card reader data as if it were connected to a serial port. The USB keyboard wedge version presents card reader data as if it were being typed on a keyboard. Both of these devices give you the flexibility of using the RFID card reader that best suits your needs.