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Control access to printers and MFP’s
The efficiency of using shared printing and imaging equipment such as MFP’s and printers is compelling. The flip side to this is that we’re printing more pages now than we ever have. Some documents never get picked up, or worse, they get picked up by the wrong individual, sometimes creating information privacy or disclosure issues. Using your corporate ID as an access token can significantly reduce printing costs, enforces data privacy and supports corporate “Green” initiatives. These systems can also typically support charge back or other accounting features.

Automate access and distribution of manufacturing consumables and supplies
Making manufacturing supplies, safety equipment or other consumables available via an unattended dispensing mechanism 24 hours a day improves your workflow and cuts costs for dedicated manpower.

Control access and inventory of shop tools and other equipment
Avoid theft of expensive tools and guard against items being inadvertently left inside of machinery by accounting for equipment used on each job or task.

Control access to industrial vehicles and machinery
Be certain you know who is accessing corporate vehicles and complex machinery. Fork lifts, buses, ground support vehicles, fueling stations and production machinery can all be controlled and monitored to avoid potential liability exposures and OSHA violations. Ensure the right people with the right skills and certifications have access and the rest don’t.

Workforce Management
Allow access to work scheduling, vacation requests, or other common HR functions. This works particularly well for a variable workforce such as in healthcare or for manufacturing scheduling.

Cashless Payment
Using your corporate ID for cashless payment for cafeteria and vending services has significant advantages and can help you avoid incorrect change, cash collection issues, skimming, and accounting errors. Issue electronic vouchers to employees as a rewards or loyalty program, or as a company perk for your best performers.
Learn about how leading organizations are using these solutions today. Each of them can be deployed separately or in any combination as part of a corporate-wide access management solution. Don’t see a particular application? Let us know. We probably know where to find it.

Once you’ve identified the right combination of applications to deploy, Linkstream can manage the implementation process together with your team or introduce you to specific application vendors for your final selection and internal project management.
Leveraging your access control system to make business operations more efficient and enforce compliance is a smart move. In fact, it can be a significant competitive advantage. Your corporate ID can be used in a number of ways:

· Improve availability of resources

· Reduce manpower requirements

· Improve operational efficiency

· Provide management visibility and control.
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Leverage your corporate ID for improved business efficiency​